What Causes Our Lips to Thin Out and Lose Fat as We Age?

If you’re a Vancouver resident who used to have more defined and voluptuous lips which have flattened out as you’ve gotten older, you may be asking yourself, “What happened?” This is a common question we find many of our patients asking themselves. The truth is, while most of us expect our bodies to change as we get older, many don’t realize those changes include our lips, too.

The truth is that our lips lose volume due to a variety of reasons, which we’ll discuss below. But, if you find yourself with thinner lips you don’t like as you get older, you don’t have to live with them! By trusting Vancouver physician Dr. Jaffer of Heights Laser Centre with lip injections, you can achieve the fuller lips of your youth, or perhaps the lips you’ve never had but always wanted. Love Your Lips™!

5 Common Causes of Lip Volume Loss

Lips change as we age due to a variety of reasons. But here’s a list of the 5 most common causes, and why you should consider lip injections if you’re experiencing any of these situations.

You’ve Tried Every Diet and Exercise Fad Over the Years
There’s nothing wrong with eating healthy and exercising regularly. In fact, because Dr. Jaffer’s primary concern is your overall health and well-being, he encourages all his Vancouver lip injections patients to lead a healthy lifestyle. But if you’ve been a regular yo-yo dieter or have exercised to the extreme, you might notice a change in the volume of your lips. The reason – you can’t (unfortunately) tell your body where you want it to lose weight. Those who diet or exercise too much may notice a change in the fullness of the face, especially in their lips.

Your Lips Have Experienced Excessive Sun Exposure
You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. “Wear sunscreen!” But did you know you’re supposed to use an SPF solution on your lips, too? Some of Dr. Jaffer’s Vancouver lip injections patients see him because they’ve had too much sun exposure on their lips over the years, and as a result, have thinning lips. This is because sun exposure speeds up the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin, including that of your lips.

You’ve Experience Hormonal Changes, Especially Due to Menopause
Hormones. They seem to affect everything, don’t they? As Vancouver women age, they approach perimenopause and menopause, and thus, a dramatic drop in their estrogen levels. Because estrogen in part regulates the amount and quality of fat in your body, you may see a thinning of your lips as you approach or experience menopause. This is a perfect age to consider lip injections.

You’re Too Skinny for Your Frame
Not only is being too thin dangerous for your health, it can negatively affect your appearance, too. If you have a low body mass index (BMI), your face is likely to be thin and frail. And where can you expect to lose volume? You guessed it, your lips! If you’re very thin, lip injections can help you obtain a more natural look to your lips.

You’re Experiencing Bone Loss
Practically everyone knows that as women age, they are prone to bone tissue loss. That’s why physicians stress the importance of getting enough calcium. Bone tissue loss can cause a number of medical problems. But did you know it could create cosmetic issues, too? As you lose bone tissue in your face and your facial muscles begin to atrophy, your lips will appear thinner, too.

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If you think you’re experiencing any of the causes mentioned above of lip thinning, Dr. Jaffer of Heights Laser Centre can help. With a targeted lip injections treatment plan tailored to your unique lip anatomy and desired outcome, Dr. Jaffer can create the lips of your dreams.*

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