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Love Your Lips™ Lip Enhancement

Mini Lip Augmentation

A New Treatment for Unmissable, Kissable Lips

Even if you want a fuller and more noticeable pout, you might have dismissed lip augmentation as a treatment option. The current cosmetic standard celebrates a larger-than-life look, and that doesn’t work for patients who want natural-looking, subtle change.

That’s why there’s Love Your Lips™. The treatment, offered exclusively to our patients at Heights Laser Centre, is a mini lip augmentation that improves shape, symmetry, and fullness without dramatically altering your features. The procedure provides an attractive outcome—not a drastic change.

Experience The Heights Laser Centre Difference

The Exclusive Mini Lip Enhancement Treatment

Dr. Perhez Jaffer, an expert in non-surgical aesthetic treatments with over 15 years of experience, is the creator of Love Your Lips™. After years of performing traditional lip augmentation procedures, he found that many of his patients were responding more positively to treatments that provided targeted and precise change. He developed Love Your Lips™ to give you outcomes that are more in line with your aesthetic goals: a natural looking, subtle transformation.

Co-Created Results

We understand that every person's lips are unique and you're probably very particular about what you'd like to improve. You may want to focus on one specific area or two. That's why Dr. Jaffer listens to exactly what you want, asking a number of questions during your assessment to make sure he's completely clear on what you'd like to achieve. Getting the results you want is a co-created process, during which we'll listen to your input every step of the way.

As a board certified physician-led practice, we have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2009 and have an A+ rating. As our patient, you'll receive high-quality care at every step of you experience with us, from consultation to recovery. Our team takes the time to get to know each person that comes through our doors and to ensure their comfort during treatment.

The Love Your Lips™ Process

Heights Laser Centre is a physician-led practice that provides patients with a relaxing atmosphere when they’re receiving their lip augmentation Vancouver treatment. Dr. Jaffer conducts all of the injectable procedures for our patients. He provides care in a calming and compassionate manner, and he continually trains in the latest aesthetic methods to improve patient comfort and results.

Your First Visit

During your initial consultation, Dr. Jaffer will ask you about your cosmetic concerns and the results you are hoping to achieve with treatment. Many of our patients visit us specifically to get a fuller, more noticeable pout. Others have the general goal of looking younger or more attractive. Dr. Jaffer will often recommend Love Your Lips™ to both groups of patients. Because it provides a more natural-looking outcome and is more affordable than a standard lip augmentation, it can be an ideal entry point for cosmetic improvement.

Our patients are consistently impressed by the results they get.

Your Examination

Dr. Jaffer will examine your lips to determine the amount and type of dermal filler to use in your customized treatment. Premium fillers are used based on hyaluronic acid for the process — usually Juvéderm by Allergan or Belotero by Merz. These products have a natural-feeling consistency and can help your lips retain moisture and softness.

Dr. Jaffer follows a conservative aesthetic approach with Love Your Lips™. Through years of experience, he has found that “less is more” when striving for natural-looking results. You can expect to take “before” photos during your initial consultation and at each step in the treatment process. This will help you see the subtle benefits that Love Your Lips™ provides over time.

Your Treatment

Love Your Lips™ is a non-invasive procedure that uses injectable dermal fillers to create a noticeable, attractive difference in the way your lips look. During the treatment, Dr. Jaffer will:

  • Apply a topical anesthetic to numb the lips for a pain-free experience
  • Inject a small amount of filler to achieve the fullness and contours you desire
  • Add filler to the middle of your lips to give you a more pronounced pout
  • If necessary, address the outer portions of your lips – This technique can improve a thin-lipped appearance

Patients frequently remark on Dr. Jaffer’s gentle and efficient approach. His skill and years spent in practice improve both their experience and their outcome.

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After Love Your Lips™: Recuperation and Results

Immediately following treatment, patients can expect some swelling and bruising. Both symptoms will be mild to moderate and should not last more than 7 days. These minor conditions can easily be hidden with lip balm.

For the first 24 hours after your appointment, avoid drinking any liquids from a straw as you don't want to apply any pressure on your lips while you recover. You should drink plenty of fresh water for a few days, as it will help reduce swelling. To further help with swelling, you can use a cool pack and avoid touching your lips too much to reduce the risk of infection. Physically strenuous activities should be avoided the day of your treatment.

Heights Laser Centre will offer you other post-treatment guidelines.

Our practice is committed to your care and satisfaction. Two days after your procedure, a team member will call you to see how you are doing and ask if you have any questions. In your follow-up appointment, you will have a set of “after” photos taken and meet with Dr. Jaffer. He will examine your lips and see how you are feeling about your treatment.

Because of Dr. Jaffer’s conservative approach, which ensures incremental change, some patients opt to have more filler added at this appointment. Others choose to wait and re-treat after several months when the initial filler’s effects have subsided. Whichever your case may be, you can expect shapelier, more noticeable, and natural-looking lips with your treatment.

Love Your Lips™ Testimonials

"Love Love Love, You're the best. You always made me feel very comfortable, I love my new lips!"

"Thrilled with experience & results. Staff Adele & Dr. Jaffer provided comprehensive injection and made me feel confident in the treatments I received. I look forward to returning to Heights Laser Centre for future treatments and will be referring the clinic to my family and friends."

"I was scared to get fillers because I thought it would hurt or would be over the top noticeable! But I am super happy with the results. No pain and very natural. Very happy!"

"Dr. Jaffer is very professional, very caring. Will definitely be back."

"Dr. Jaffer is very gentle, kind and trustworthy. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Jaffer for any procedures!! Love my lips!"

"Staff is fantastic. So friendly and helpful…makes my procedure much easier. Love my lips"

Love Your Lips™ FAQ

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