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A woman’s lips have always played an essential role in determining how attractive she is. Historically, and within all races and cultures, several factors have made the feminine physique appealing. These include a sizeable upper face, a small petite nose, a smaller lower face, and lips. Especially full lips. And women have used enhancements like lipstick for generations to make these features more appealing. However, only with the introduction of collagen in 1981 did cosmetic surgery make an appearance in lip enhancement. And those early starts have advanced to include a myriad of lip enhancements today, including lip augmentations and injectable fillers like Juvederm.

Teen Years

Your lips are growing and expanding with the rest of your body through your teens and early twenties, but as you age, they tend to lose their luster. The look of your lips is also affected by other factors like teeth, muscle, fat, and bones. While everyone considers the eyes are the windows to the soul, the lower half of any woman’s face is defined by her lips. Changes in facial fat, combined with the loss of muscle, jawbone, and teeth associated with aging, can wind up in a loss of lip support. When these issues start to crop up, it’s often necessary to consider some form of lip enhancement to offset their advances.

Strategic Placement

It is critical to understand why the lips’ placement on the face is so critical to the face’s overall balance, shape, and proportions. It may seem a little mathematical, but beauty experts agree that the lips should form a line parallel to the imaginary line between the pupils of the eyes. Here’s where the aging process comes into play since often the lips lose their elasticity and start to droop with age, giving off the ‘sad’ look. Again, according to the beauty experts, the upper lip should be 20mm from the nose, and the lower lip should be 40mm from the tip of the chin. When the face is seen in profile, there should be a slight jump where the white part of the skin meets the red part of the upper lip.

Overall Appearance

Understanding the proper qualities for your lips cannot be overemphasized. Fullness is only one aspect you’ll need to consider. Shape and contour are also considerations that add to optimal aesthetics.

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