Why BOTOX is better

When it comes to injectable neuromodulators, Botox is the gold standard. Why?

Botox has a huge pile of published research supporting its claims, more than any other neuromodulator available on the market today. Because it’s also been on the market the longest, Botox is preferred by even the most conservative of cosmetic physicians. Its popularity is worldwide.

A Botox treatment typically costs about the same as a cup or two of coffee a day for the 3-4 months that results last. There are currently no other neuromodulators available that are cheaper than Botox.

Experienced cosmetic injectors understand how Botox works and its effects on the targeted muscle. For this reason, they can predict the results of a treatment even if it doesn’t involve surgery, so you can know what to expect.

Botox has far more advanced learning programs and educational opportunities, allowing cosmetic injectors  to continually improve their technical abilities.

Botox is also a great way to not just control the wrinkles you currently have, but also delay any new ones from developing!

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