What Happens If I Gain Weight After CoolSculpting?

Often, men and women in Vancouver find themselves left with small areas of fat that just won’t go away. Even after taking all that time and putting in all that effort to lose the big pounds, it’s those last few that really bother people. But that is the unfortunate nature of weight loss – you can’t tell your body where to lose weight. That’s where CoolSculpting comes in. Heights Laser Centre is a CoolSculpting-certified medical spa, meaning Dr. Jaffer and his team have the most advanced training and technology available to Vancouver area patients, so they are well-equipped to handle that stubborn fat and help you get rid of it – permanently! Keep reading to learn more about CoolSculpting and what to expect from your procedures at Heights Laser Centre.

The 411 on CoolSculpting
CoolSculpting is an effective and gentle treatment option that is designed to target stubborn fat cells beneath the skin while leaving the skin itself unharmed. It is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment on the market today. It is a very successful technique that permanently eliminates targeted fat cells through a controlled cooling process. Vancouver residents are drawn to CoolSculpting because it is a non-invasive option to help them get rid of those last few frustrating inches of fat. CoolSculpting is able to specifically target fat cells on many different areas of the body through the use of specially designed applicators. Once the fat cells are exposed to the very low temperatures, they die, are then treated as waste, and leave the body through its natural process of elimination. Within weeks, Vancouver men and women are left with a body that is sleek and sculpted.
What Areas of My Body Can I Target with CoolSculpting?
The developers of CoolSculpting knew they needed to reach as many areas of the body as possible and created a variety of applicators for just that reason. With this specialized approach, Vancouver men and women have the option of treating many different areas of stubborn fatty deposits such as the:

  • Chin and Neck
  • Love Handles
  • Upper Arms
  • Tummy
  • Thighs
  • Bra Line/Back Fat

But What Happens If I Gain Weight After I Have CoolSculpting?
During your CoolSculpting treatments, only the targeted fat cells will die and be removed from your system. Unfortunately, gaining weight after CoolSculpting will cause the fat cells that were left behind will grow and expand making you larger and negating your results. Dr. Jaffer recommends that his Vancouver area patients maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, so they are able to keep the beautiful results they received through CoolSculpting.

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