maskne burnaby Have you started noticing that you’re breaking out around your mouth and nose recently?

Wearing a mask protects others and yourself (to a certain extent) from air-borne illnesses, which is why we need to wear them whenever we’re out in public. It’s the courteous thing to do. Unfortunately, wearing a mask frequently throughout the day can cause mask acne, or “maskne”.

Maskne is the result of:

  • the fabric of your mask constantly touching and rubbing against your skin, causing irritation and inflammation
  • trapped sweat and dirt
  • the moisture of your exhalations

These factors make an environment where bacteria can thrive, resulting in breakouts.

So how do you control maskne?

  1. Always wear a clean mask.
  2. Cleanse your face before and after you wear a mask. That usually means first thing in the morning and after you get home. You can also consider using moisturizing facial wipes while you’re out.
  3. If you can, wear an occlusive moisturizer to act as a physical barrier to protect your skin. Occlusive moisturizers generally contain silicone, oils, waxes or petroleum.
  4. At all times, make sure your skin is moisturized.

If you need help picking the right skincare products to help fight and prevent maskne, talk to us!

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