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Laser Hair Removal in Vancouver

Enjoy Smoother, Hair-Free Skin Without the Hassle

No More Tweezing, Waxing, or Threading

End the discomfort of traditional hair removal treatments that are messy, time consuming and achieve very temporary results. Be done with the inconvenience of maintaining smooth, aesthetically pleasing features with a convenient procedure that takes only minutes. If you are ready for a better way, consider laser hair removal with Heights Laser Centre.

Experience The Heights Laser Centre Difference

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Heights Laser Centre is a physician-led and patient-centered medical spa, and laser-based services are a cornerstone of our practice. With laser hair removal, we offer Vancouver women and men a solution that is faster than tweezing, waxing, and threading. Patients who have been dissatisfied with their results from laser hair removal at other facilities come to us for treatment that is more comfortable, efficient, and effective.

Extensive Experience and Unparalleled Care

You will benefit from the experience and unparalleled skill of our certified medical aestheticians and skin experts. In fact, our most senior medical aesthetician and licensed laser technician has been supporting patients for over two decades. She is frequently praised by our patients for her skill and gentle manner! That means you can have confidence knowing that you're in experienced and caring hands.

Expertise and Technology

We have invested in the best equipment available on the market and can treat a range of features, including the face, chest, back, underarms, arms, legs, and bikini area. Our Lumenis LightSheer diode is a medical-grade laser approved by Health Canada and the FDA. It's specifically designed for laser hair removal. Our combination of expertise and technology provides patients with a better experience and excellent outcomes.

Lumenis LightSheer

laser hair removal burnabyWe offer the Lumenis LightSheer Laser Hair Removal system. This technology utilizes a 805 nm and 1060 nm diode laser technology and the power of selective photothermolysis to target the entire hair strand, right down to the follicle, to destroy it permanently.  Using the handpiece, therapeutic light beams are emitted at the target area. These light beams are absorbed by the pigment in your unwanted hair, inhibiting the growth process by destroying all hair follicles that are actively in the growth phase (anagen phase). Once destroyed, the hair follicle cannot re-grow new hair and simply disappears. Hair follicles in the target area that are not actively growing, and are dormant or in the process of shedding, are not destroyed. That's why more than one session is needed to achieve the desired results. The procedure can eliminate 65% - 95% of hair from the application areas after you receive the recommended number of treatments.

Different Applicator Sizes Available

For a more efficient treatment, our laser hair removal system is equipped with different sized applicators to target the different areas of your face and body.  This means you'll be able to target the following:

  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Ams
  • Legs
  • Bikini area

The Laser Hair Removal Process

Our team at Heights Laser Centre take the time to get to know each Vancouver patient and provide high-quality care through every step of their experience. The comfort of each patient is one of our main priorities.

Your First Visit

The moment Vancouver patients walk through the doors at Heights Laser Centre, they feel at home. We understand that people who are new to aesthetic care sometimes feel reluctant about sharing their concerns and their goals. During your appointment, our warm and welcoming team will make your first visit (and every one after that) very comfortable; we will talk with you about what our technology can accomplish, review the results you can expect, and outline a treatment plan tailored to your needs. You have our undivided attention during each appointment you have with us!

Before Your Treatment

Our certified technician will provide guidelines for pre- and post-treatment during your consultation. Typically, they include the following:

  • Do not go sunbathing or use tanning beds for a month before or after laser hair removal. The sun can darken the pigment in your skin, and because the laser affects dark pigments, you could be at risk for sunburn.
  • Shave the treatment area before your procedure. Closer contact with the follicles helps the laser target the pigment more effectively.

Certain patients are not good candidates for laser hair removal, including those who:

  • Are taking medication that causes light sensitivity
  • Have naturally blonde or very light coloured hair – Laser hair removal will not work as the laser is attracted to dark pigment in the follicles
  • Have Type VI (dark brown or black) skin – Laser hair removal can cause burns to these patients

Your technician will take the time to answer any questions you may have about treatment. Your confidence in our care is one of our top priorities.

Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Patients have the option of pre-cooling the areas or applying a topical numbing cream containing lidocaine (EMLA) to reduce sensation during each session. We also recommend that they use pure Aloe Vera gel and cold packs for up to 48 hours after laser hair removal.

As part of the process, an experienced technician will determine the exact wavelength and settings for your treatment based on your skin and hair type. This customization should give you the best long-term results from laser hair removal.

Treatment sessions for our Vancouver patients can last anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour depending on the size of the area and the amount of unwanted hair. Because hair grows in cycles, Heights Laser Centre recommends a series of treatments scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks apart. This gives us the opportunity to apply the laser to as many follicles as possible.

Your Recuperation & Results

Heights Laser Centre will recommend that you do not take a hot shower or bath or get in a hot tub and that you do not work out for 48 hours after laser hair removal. You should also refrain from exposing treatment areas to the sun for at least one month. These recommendations are to reduce the risk of irritation, inflammation and infection.

After each laser session, you will see a noticeable reduction in unwanted hair. The hair should be gone for good after you have completed your full cycle of treatments, which will vary depending on the number and size of treated areas.

By the time that you are done, the treated areas should be smooth and stubble-free, and you should be finished with the uncomfortable maintenance that plucking, waxing, and threading require. Imagine how much time and effort you'll be saving!

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Laser Hair Removal Testimonials

"I have gone to so many different laser hair removal technicians and I have never seen results like the ones I see with Lorea. She is very clear and honest on what to expect. I've done my face, underarms, and Brazilian and I barely have any hair growth. My skin is smoother than ever as all the skin irritation is now gone. She deserves every penny I paid!"

"This place is a dream come true! The ladies here are not only professional but also extremely knowledgeable. I feel like I am in great hands every time I come here and am loving my results so far! Great job girls!"

"Overall, I'm happy with the center. Anna, wonderful person, friendly, nice. Make me relax. I really like to continue until I get what I want 🙂 Thanks!"

"I've been coming here for two years and have had a great experience since I started my treatment here. The staff is polite and friendly. The work which is done here is awesome and Anna in particular is one of the best. I sure will keep coming here even though I have moved downtown. It's worth the travel :)"

“My experience has been phenomenal! The results have been amazing. Anna is the best and is super patient and has made me feel really comfortable!”

"I had a great experience, I feel so free without having to shave every 3 days! Love my service, very professional and Anna is very educated about the laser process. Cant wait to come back in January 2018."

"Anna is amazing! This was my second experience doing laser hair removal. I wish I had known to come to the heights the first time. Anna is fast, thorough and so personable. I would highly recommend the heights for laser hair treatment."

"Love it! Amazing results already on my legs and underarms. Anna is so nice and friendly. Great talks :)"

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

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