Get Younger-Looking, Healthier-Looking Skin with Photofacial Treatments

Dark spots, an uneven complexion, and fine lines can age your features and detract from an aesthetically-appealing appearance. Heights Laser Centre offers IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments as a non-invasive and effective way to restore a healthy glow, and is one of many options we offer to rejuvenate your skin.

IPL can reduce skin damage caused by aging, sun exposure, stress, and behaviors such as smoking. Common treatment areas include the face, neck, and chest. Vancouver patients who have rosacea can also benefit from IPL. The procedure is gentle, non-surgical, and requires no downtime.

The IPL Process at Heights Laser Centre

You can have confidence in your care with Heights Laser Centre. In addition to being a physician-led practice, all of our laser technicians hold certification, and our IPL technician has two decades of experience in practice. Our top-of-the-line Lumenis® M22™ modular laser machine further promote safety and comfort.

Visiting Our Medical Spa

Heights Laser Centre is dedicated to making your IPL treatments a pleasant and relaxing experience. During your consultation, our technician will talk with you about your cosmetic concerns and develop a treatment plan based on your discussion. You will have the opportunity to discuss the plan with Dr. Jaffer. Our technician will also learn about your daily aesthetic routine and make recommendations to improve your skin’s quality and health following IPL.

Your Examination

As part of your consultation, your laser technician will help you understand how IPL works and what you can expect in our care:

  • During treatment, the laser delivers intense pulses of visible light. These are absorbed by darker areas of the skin, such as blood vessels and age spots.
  • The intense pulses of light heat up these darker regions and cause minor damage.
  • The body’s immune system works to repair this damage. As a result, the body absorbs these cells, and the blemishes disappear.

In advance of your treatment, your laser technician will take a set of “before” photos and examine your face, neck, and chest. Based on your examination, the technician may recommend additional treatments. Often, our Vancouver patients benefit from microdermabrasion in combination with IPL. Microdermabrasion removes excess skin and gives the IPL more direct contact with pigmented areas. This helps patients get the best outcome possible.

Treatment with IPL

Heights Laser Centre utilizes the top lasers in the market. Our current technology, the Lumenis® M22™, is equipped with contact cooling to improve your comfort with each application. Some of our Vancouver patients choose to have a topical anesthetic cream administered beforehand to decrease their sensitivity further.

During your appointment, your technician will:

  • Apply a special gel to the treatment area
  • Position the IPL applicator
  • Release the pulsed light
  • Move to the next location for treatment

The process generally takes 20 minutes. Your experience may vary depending on the number and size of areas you are having treated.

Frequently Asked Questions: What People Really Want to Know about IPL

  • When will I notice a difference?

    Our Vancouver patients see a significant reduction in redness, dark spots, and lines after their first IPL treatment. Following a full regimen of IPL treatments, the skin should be 50-70% brighter and more even.

  • How many treatments should I have?

    Most patients have multiple photofacial appointments to achieve their desired results. Heights Laser Centre recommends 3-5 IPL treatments administered about one month apart.

    Learn more.

  • Is treatment with IPL painful?

    Heights Laser Centre prioritizes patient comfort. We have invested in the most advanced tools available to provide you with the best IPL treatment possible. Our skilled laser technician has trained extensively in aesthetic applications, such as treating pigmentation and fine lines, to ensure you have an effective and efficient experience. Both our laser’s cooling technology and the use of a topical anesthetic cream can make the treatment much more manageable.

  • Will the benefits last?

    IPL results have a long duration. We advise one treatment yearly after completing the initial series to keep the pigment changes away. We encourage our Vancouver patients to extend the benefits of their treatment with a proper skin care regimen. Typically, this includes the daily topical use of sunscreen and Vitamin C serum and taking oral Omega 3 capsules.

  • What is rosacea?

    Medical experts and dermatologists have identified four different types of rosacea:

    • Subtype 1 (erythematotelangiectatic rosacea). Symptoms include persistent redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels.
    • Subtype 2 (papulopustular rosacea). Symptoms include raised red bumps and pimples.
    • Subtype 3 (phymatous rosacea). Symptoms include red skin plaques (raised skin patches) and skin thickening, often enlarging the nose with excess
    • Subtype 4 (ocular rosacea). This occurs when rosacea manifests in and around the eyes. Symptoms include styes, burning, tearing up, dry eye, swollen eyelids, and corneal damage, which can lead to vision loss.


  • Can IPL treat each rosacea subtype? What if I have symptoms from several subtypes?

    Patients can experience more than one subtype of rosacea at a time, and symptoms can range from mild to severe. Because of potential long-term effects, Heights Laser Centre recommends that Vancouver patients who may have rosacea seek early diagnosis and treatment. IPL photofacials are approved for all four subtypes of rosacea.

After IPL: Recuperation and Results

Immediately following an IPL photofacial, your skin may be red and slightly swollen. This should last for only a few hours. In time, your skin should appear younger and have a more even complexion.

A week after each treatment, Heights Laser Centre will invite you for a follow-up appointment. The set of “after” pictures you take during this visit will help you see the benefits of your treatment. You may also receive microdermabrasion if that is part of your customized aesthetic plan.

If you are like most of our Vancouver patients, you will receive 3-5 IPL treatments spaced one month apart. This will allow you to enjoy gradual but significant improvement over time. You can expect smoother, more attractive, and more youthful skin by the end of the process.

Address Years of Skin Damage with Treatment That Takes Minutes

Rejuvenate aging skin and address the symptoms of rosacea with IPL photofacial treatments. Vancouver patients can contact Heights Laser Centre for a consultation online by filling out the form below or by calling us at (604) 298-4481.

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