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Vancouver's Best CoolSculpting Fat Removal

Recontour Your Body with Freeze the Fat™

Freeze the Fat™ Away Forever

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that freezes and eliminates unwanted body fat with the use of breakthrough Cryolipolysis™ technology. It targets and permanently eliminates stubborn fat cells by exposing them to extremely low temperatures, all while still protecting the skin. After each treatment, the dead fat cells will leave through the natural process of elimination within a few weeks. This elimination process has no negative impact on your health.

This revolutionary fat freezing technology is an excellent treatment option if you have stubborn areas of fat that do not seem to respond to diet and exercise, no matter what you do. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of having invasive liposuction, along with all the risks related to body contouring surgery, this may be right for you.

Not only does CoolSculpting reduce fat, it also contours areas of the body for a smooth, aesthetically appealing result. It allows you to finally get rid of those last few frustrating fat deposits to finally achieve a sleeker, more toned physique. You'll love your new body!

How CoolSculpting Works

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CoolSculpting technology targets fat cells underneath the skin with precise and controlled cooling energy. This causes the fat cells to  crystallize, which in turn destroys them. The contents of the destroyed fat cells are released and then naturally processed by your body like waste matter. There is no negative impact on your health when this occurs.

Experience The Heights Laser Centre Difference


Our medical aesthetic technicians have all gone to CoolSculpting University in San Francisco, where they received extensive training to become fully certified in performing this treatment.

To maintain our distinction as a CoolSculpting-certified practice, we also have to make sure that your results meet established standards. As a result, we know the improvement you experience is what it should be. This all means that you can have confidence in the effectiveness and safety of your care.

Have a Little "Me-Time"

We make sure the treatment is relaxing, so that you can have some "Me-Time". Read a book, use your phone or watch a show on your iPad. We'll also give you snacks and drinks to enjoy. When your treatment is longer to target multiple areas for a full body improvement, lunch is on us!

If this is your first time, your certified CoolSculpting technician can stay in the room with you the whole time to make sure you're doing well, no matter how long your session is. It's our commitment to the higher level of patient care that you deserve.

As a board certified physician-led practice, we have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2009 and have an A+ rating. Our excellent track record allows you to have unparalleled confidence in the quality and safety of the care you will receive in a relaxed and supportive setting. Walk through the doors of our medical spa, and you become part of a family—one that’s committed to achieving your personal goals. We're frequently complimented on how friendly our whole team is!

The Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is safe, effective and considered a long-term solution for the targeted fat cells because once they are eliminated, they won’t grow back. Your results are permanent, and the fat will not return if you maintain your current weight.

You'll be able to finally fit into the clothes you want to wear without being bothered by lumps and bulges!

As a CoolSculpting-certified med spa, Heights Laser Centre is an ideal place to have your treatment. The training and hands-on experience required to earn this distinction—and the fact that we are a physician-led practice—means that you'll be able to really see the benefits of your treatment.

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You'll Love Your Body

Some of our patients also find that this fat-freezing treatment is a great way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. When they see their improved body contour after treatment and experience that delightful boost in their self-confidence, they're encouraged to maintain it all by eating and exercising right. It's a win-win situation!

CoolSculpting is the only FDA and Health Canada approved fat-freezing technology on the market today. Studies show CoolSculpting to be an effective anti-fat treatment, and its popularity continues to increase among patients who are looking for alternatives to surgery or diet/exercise — mainly because it can spot reduce stubborn fat effortlessly. That's why it's so popular! Millions of treatments have been performed around the world to date.

Various Applicator Sizes Available

Allergan, the manufacturer of CoolSculpting, knew that a one-size-fits-all solution was out of the question. That's why they developed applicators in various sizes to fit the unique proportions of each patient, and they reduce treatment time by half compared to the original CoolSculpting applicators, too. This gives our talented technicians the ability to effectively and quickly target many different areas of your face and body, such as the following:

  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Bra line
  • Back
  • Love Handles, Flanks and Waist
  • Upper Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Inner and Outer Thighs


The CoolSculpting Journey to a Leaner You

For over a decade, we have supported Vancouver and Burnaby patients with high-quality aesthetic treatments focused on their goals and their comfort. Our staff, led by head physician Dr. Perhez Jaffer, offer a warm and friendly environment for patients. Come for an appointment, and you will immediately feel at ease with our approach and the personal attention we provide.

Your First Visit

Your first visit is for your private consultation with our CoolSculpting expert. You'll have the opportunity to describe your concerns and what you want to achieve. Because the Heights Laser Centre team provides individualized care to each patient, we can develop a personalized plan based on your unique needs. We have a variety of body contouring treatments available, so your customized plan may involve this or other options for a gentle but efficient treatment.

Your Examination

Our CoolSculpting-certified technician will conduct a thorough  examination of the problem area(s). This non-surgical fat reduction method works best for minimal or moderate amounts of fat bulges. If you have a larger amount of fat that you want to eliminate, you may benefit from an alternative approach, such as liposuction. Our recommendations will be based on your goals, needs, and health background.  

CoolSculpting Vancouver Cost

Once the area(s) you'd like to target is examined, the number of areas are assessed and your goals are discussed, a treatment protocol will be created for you. At that time, you'll find out how many sessions you may need and the cost. Each session is in the hundreds of dollars.

Your CoolSculpting Treatment

Our patients say that CoolSculpting was a pleasant experience!

A Heights Laser Centre team member will prep you for CoolSculpting by taking “before” photos and laying gel pads on the areas that you want to be treated. Then, our certified technician will position the applicator paddles over the gel pads; these paddles produce the cooling energy that freezes the fat cells but is harmless to surrounding tissues. You may feel some intense cold at first, but then the sensation will disappear as the session progresses.

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The treatment takes place in a private room, and during your appointment you are welcome to watch TV, to bring snacks or a book, or to use your mobile phone. It is gentle enough that some Vancouver patients nap throughout the CoolSculpting procedure.

Following each application, your technician will massage the treated areas for about 2 minutes — the optimal amount of time for massage. Research has shown that this process promotes significantly better fat reduction, which is why we make sure to do it. Massaging for any longer hasn’t been found to be effective and a shorter time is ineffective in producing the results you deserve.

Heights Laser Centre uses the most advanced CoolSculpting technology available. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment as well as your comfort and safety. Our new applicators also reduce treatment time by half compared to the original applicators. Most patients finish their appointment within an hour. If your technician is treating multiple areas during your visit, you may require additional time. But don't worry, because you'll be able to relax and enjoy snacks and lunch for free!

Your Results

CoolSculpting is an ideal option for busy people with stubborn pockets of fat. Because there is no surgery or downtime involved, patients can return to work and normal activities immediately. You should only experience minor bruising, swelling, and numbness as temporary side effects.

It takes several weeks for the body to filter out the destroyed fat cells that CoolSculpting treats. After this period, your Heights Laser Centre technician will be able to assess your improvement. Most people require at least two cycles of CoolSculpting per area to achieve their desired outcome.

In total, you should be able to see your final results 3-4 months after you begin the process. Note that larger areas may take more time.

We'll take photos at 60 and 90 days after your treatment. Our patients love to compare their before and after photos to see how their body has improved!

By the end of the full treatment regimen, you can expect attractively contoured features—all with no downtime or significant discomfort.


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Brilliant Distinctions

Are you a member yet? Brilliant Distinctions is an exclusive loyalty program brought to you by Allergan. You can earn points for purchasing select Allergan treatments and products such as:

You can redeem your points to save on future qualifying purchases. It’s easy to become a member.

Talk to us for more information and if you need help signing up for the Brilliant Distinctions™ loyalty card. It's easy to join!

CoolSculpting Testimonials

"CoolSculpting to inner thighs and upper/lower abdomen. Treatments given by Ana Di Lullo is very professional, knowledgeable and personable. Great results within 60-90 days. Would highly recommend. Thank you so much Anna and staff at Heights Laser Center!"

"I have had several CoolSculpting treatments, I have been happy with my results. The staff has been amazing. I highly recommend The Heights Laser Center to anyone looking for Coolsculpting or any other treatments.

"Fabulous results with my 1st treatment. Anna my tech explained everything step by step. All the staff is great and makes you feel very comfortable. Thank you for a great experience."

"When I just heard about this procedure from Anna it sounded like something I would like to try. Thankful that she monitored it and made me feel at ease. Not too much pain, just at first."

“Good experience, arrived very nervous but Dr. Jaffer made me feel very comfortable and well taken care of. Experience was better than I expected.”

How to Maintain Your CoolSculpting Results

Now that you've got the body you want, how can you keep it looking fabulous? Here are 3 must-do's to maintain your CoolSculpting results.

1. Eat right.
Even though you'll have fewer fat cells in the treated areas, the remaining ones you still have can continue to increase and decrease in size depending on the number of calories you consume everyday. If you eat too much, your fat cells will expand, and so will your waistline! So, make sure to eat a healthy diet and veer clear of foods that are highly processed or have "empty" calories. You may even want to seek the advice of a nutritionist who can customize an eating plan that's unique to your body.


2. Burn it off.
Your body was made to move, so get moving! Exercise is a great way to burn calories to prevent those fat cells from expanding.

Hate exercising? Don't worry! There's no need to go to the gym if you want to get physical. You can do so many other things to burn calories, including walking, dancing, and swimming.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Deep clean your house.
  • Learn self-defence.

Anything that gets your body moving is great. Scientific research shows that even laughing can burn a significant number of calories! All you need is 30 minutes a day.


3. Stay hydrated.
After your treatment, your body works hard to eliminate all of the fat cells that have been crystallized with CoolSculpting. Your body does this by treating these destroyed fat cells like waste matter. As the fat cells freeze and die (something that is technically known as apoptosis), they are eliminated from the body by the lymphatic system. Destroyed fat does not enter the blood stream, which is why there is no risk of fat embolism or increase of triglycerides.

By staying well hydrated, you'll be helping your body perform bodily functions better, so you can flush away fat cells, literally!  While it can take up to 6 months for these cells to be eliminated, we recommend that you continue to stay well hydrated even after this time as part of a healthier lifestyle.

CoolSculpting FAQ

Need more answers or have concerns about CoolSculpting? Talk to us.

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