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Get Rid of Fat Beneath Your Chin Easily & Non-Surgically

A double chin can detract from an otherwise fit and firm appearance. If you are frustrated with the contour of your profile, if your facial features make you seem older than you are, or if you find yourself asking to retake photos because you’re dissatisfied with how heavy your face looks, you may be a good candidate for treatment with BELKYRA®.

Heights Laser Centre offers BELKYRA®, a non-surgical solution, to help Vancouver patients get a more sculpted chin and neckline. BELKYRA® is a Health Canada-approved product that permanently dissolves localized fat under the chin. This injectable procedure can create a slimmer and more defined aesthetic that leaves you looking and feeling younger.

Patients rely on Heights Laser Centre because of the skill and expertise we bring to aesthetic treatments. Dr. Perhez Jaffer was one of the first physicians in Canada trained to administer BELKYRA®, and ongoing professional development allows him to provide care safely, effectively, and with the most attractive and natural-looking results possible.

The BELKYRA® Process at Heights Laser Centre

Vancouver patients receive high-quality care at every step of their experience with Heights Laser Centre, from consultation to recovery. Our team takes the time to get to know each person that comes through our doors and to ensure their comfort during treatment.

Visiting Our Medical Spa

When you come for your appointment, our staff members will greet you and give an outline of what to expect. During your consultation, Dr. Jaffer will ask you about your aesthetic concerns and goals. This will help him evaluate different solutions and tailor treatment to your needs.

Your Examination

If one of your goals is reducing fat beneath your chin without surgery, Dr. Jaffer will determine if you are a good candidate for BELKYRA®:

  • He will assess the location and the amount of fat in the area of your neck and chin. BELKYRA® works best for Vancouver patients who have good skin tone and whose fat does not extend to the sides of their neck.
  • If the fat is more widespread, Dr. Jaffer may recommend using CoolSculpting® in combination with BELKYRA® to achieve the best result. CoolSculpting® is another non-surgical, non-invasive solution our med spa offers.
  • Dr. Jaffer will take your medical history into account to be sure that you do not have any medical issues that would prevent BELKYRA® from being effective, such as an enlarged thyroid or salivary glands.

Treatment with BELKYRA®

Before receiving BELKYRA®, a Heights Laser Centre staff member will take photos of your chin and neck from the front and profile views. These photos will let you see the aesthetic changes that the treatment provides.

To improve your comfort, our staff will ice the area beneath your chin for about 10 minutes before the procedure. Dr. Jaffer will use a tiny needle to inject small amounts of BELKYRA® directly into the fat. A specialized guide will allow him to distribute the BELKYRA® in a way that will create a natural-looking, even, and attractive contour.

After your procedure, the treatment area will be iced for another 20 minutes, in part to reduce swelling. The process is relatively fast and simple; Vancouver patients can expect it to take very little time to complete.

After BELKYRA®: Recuperation & Results

Dr. Jaffer will follow up with you by phone two days after treatment and in person after about one week. He will also meet with you again after one month and two months; at each visit, a Heights Laser Centre team member will take a new set of photos so you can see the gradual reduction in fat beneath your chin.

Post-care guidelines for treatment with BELKYRA® are minimal. You can resume regular activities almost immediately. However, Dr. Jaffer recommends waiting three days before performing rigorous exercise, such as running or lifting heavy weights. The same recovery timeline applies to your second treatment session and, if necessary, your third visit.

The fat reduction you get from each stage of treatment is permanent, and by the conclusion of your care, you should be able to enjoy an attractive, fitter-looking neckline and chin area.

Frequently Asked Questions: What People Really Want to Know about BELKYRA®

  • How does BELKYRA® work? Where does the fat go?

    BELKYRA® is deoxycholic acid and it dissolves moderate amounts of excess fat. Your body will metabolize and filter out the fat cells that BELKYRA® destroys.

  • How long do the benefits of BELKYRA® last?

    Non-surgical fat reduction with BELKYRA® offers permanent results. The fat cells that the injections eliminate will not grow back over time.

  • Can BELKYRA® work even if diet and exercise haven't?

    BELKYRA® injections focus specifically on fat below the chin. As a targeted treatment, you can expect to see the type of significant improvement that you may not have been able to achieve with diet or exercise.

  • When will my double chin be gone?

    Dr. Jaffer typically recommends that his Vancouver patients have 2-3 treatment sessions spaced 6-8 weeks apart. You should see improvement in the weeks following each treatment. During these periods, your body will naturally filter and remove the components of the fat cells.

  • Are BELKYRA® injections painful?

    Dr. Jaffer and the team at Heights Laser Centre prioritize the patient experience. Most Vancouver patients feel little to no discomfort from BELKYRA® injections thanks in part to the treatment regimen we use (icing the area before and after). However, patients may notice a slight burning sensation in the days following their appointment as BELKYRA® dissolves the fat cells.

  • Will there be swelling in the treatment area?

    Most Vancouver patients experience minimal swelling. But any swelling you may have can last up to two weeks and is one of the signs that the BELKYRA® is eliminating the fat cells. Icing the injection sites can reduce these concerns and improve your comfort.

  • What's the difference between Belkyra® and chin liposuction?

    As mentioned, one of the main stand out qualities about Belkyra® is that it is non-surgical. However, it also stands apart from chin liposuction because it attacks and dissolves fat while liposuction sucks it out. Which is what allows it to be non-surgical in the first place.

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Sculpt Your Facial Appearance with Dr. Jaffer

If you want to eliminate a double chin and get a more sculpted appearance, consider a simple, non-surgical treatment with BELKYRA®.

Vancouver patients interested in learning more can contact Heights Laser Centre online or by phone at (604) 298-4481.

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