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Migraines are incredibly painful headaches that aren't just a throbbing or pulsing pain in the head — they are often accompanied by other issues such as nausea, sensitivity to sound and light, and vomiting. The pain associated with these occurrences may last for a few hours to several days at a time. Migraines can occur multiple times in a single month, and get worse with certain activities and other factors in your surrounding environment. In fact, migraines affect a significant portion of the population and is ranked as one of the most debilitating health conditions worldwide.

To stop migraines from happening, we offer BOTOX.

Stages of a Migraine

Migraines are classified as a primary headache type. They can involve three stages: prodrome, headache, and postdrome. A migraine does not always include all of these stages.

In the prodrome stage, which occurs a day or two before the migraine, Vancouver patients notice some of the following symptoms: neck stiffness, hyperactivity, uncontrollable yawning, depression, constipation, irritability, and food cravings.

Occasionally, patients may also have the sensation of a temporary aura (lasting up to an hour), a nervous system disturbance that affects vision, speech, or movement. Speech or language issues, a pins-and-needles sensation, seeing flashes of light, and vision loss are among the potential symptoms. These symptoms can last for 20 minutes to an hour.

In the headache stage, patients experience the migraine itself. Symptoms include throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head, nausea, lightheadedness, blurred vision, vomiting, fainting, and sensitivity to sound, light, and smells. The migraine can affect the patient for anywhere from four hours up to seventy-two hours.

In the postdrome stage, which happens after the headache, patients often report that they feel drained of energy.

Why Do I Have Migraine Headaches?

Research is still being conducted regarding the causes of migraine headaches. Various environmental factors may be partially responsible. Many cite brain chemical imbalances such as irregular serotonin levels as a potential factor, and one’s genes may also be a cause. If a close family member has migraines, then it is highly likely that you have migraines too.
Migraines are often triggered by things like changes in hormones, medication use, physical and emotional stress, eating foods that are processed, salty, or contain various additives; sensory stimuli, drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks; skipping meals, environmental changes, and sleep schedule changes.

Patients are more likely to have migraines if they have had one by age 40 or if they have a family history of migraines. Little boys are more headache-prone than little girls; however, after puberty, women become more headache-prone than men.

Your Treatment


Patients who have migraines and who have tried other solutions should consider Botox as a treatment option. It is most effective with muscle-related migraines.

Botox is an effective Health Canada-approved treatment for migraine headaches. This injectable treatment is used specifically for the prevention of migraines. Every 12 weeks, several precise injections are administered in the head and neck region. Fine needles are used, and discomfort is minimal. These result in suppression of migraines.

Treatment can reduce the occurrence and intensity of your migraines for up to 6 months.

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  • Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Makes you feel very welcome and comfortable. Dr. Jaffer really knows what he's doing and makes you feel very safe and makes sure you understand what's happening. 5/5
  • Dr. Jaffer is amazing at his profession. He gives great advice and never tries to pressure you into doing too much. He listens patiently and is on time for my appointments. Lovely staff, beautiful office, very calm, and wouldn't go anywhere else! 5/5
  • My Experience with Dr. Jaffer was fantastic! I've highly recommended Heights Laser Centre to friends and family - I wish I had it done sooner. I learned what BOTOX is and does and never felt any pressure from staff or the doctor. Thanks! 5/5

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    The Botox treatment is often performed by a nurse at many medical spas in Vancouver, but not at Heights Laser Centre! Your treatment will always be administered by licensed, board certified physician, Dr. Perhez Jaffer. Dr. Jaffer has over 20 years of medical experience in Botox and is recognized as an expert in Botox by Allergan, the product’s manufacturer.

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    Botox is a medical procedure, and as such, it’s important that you’re able to make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for you. Dr. Jaffer will provide you with in-depth, medically accurate information about Botox to help you decide. We don’t just brush over the details — we explain everything to you.

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