Have you noticed white, red, or dark discolorations on the skin of your neck, face, arms, chest, or another area of your body? Having blotchy skin is a common issue that can cause a reduced self- image.

What Causes Blotchy Skin?

There are a number of potential causes of blotchy skin. Chemical skin irritants like the ones found in perfumes, dyes, and detergents can make blotches appear, as can the rubbing of rough fabric against the skin. Dust and animal dander are other examples of skin irritants.

Environmental factors like allergens in the air, extreme hot or cold, and strong winds are major causes of skin blotches. Skin dryness increases the risk of irritation.

Generally, Vancouver patients with sensitive skin are more susceptible to the blotchiness that occurs as a result of the aforementioned factors.

Fair skin shows redness and irritation more prominently than dark skin, so those with fairer skin are more susceptible to blotchiness. Women who are experiencing fluctuations in hormone levels are more prone to this issue. One’s genes can also make them more likely to experience it.


Cosmeceuticals are one option we offer to treat blotchy skin. These are skin products that have a higher concentration of active ingredients than those that can be found in retail stores. As they contain a higher percentage of medicinal compounds, they are considered medical grade and can only be purchased in physician’s offices.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that can rejuvenate blotchy skin by exfoliating damaged and dead skin cells. This makes room for fresh, smooth cells to grow in their place.

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, treatment addresses blotches through pulses of light energy. When these energy pulses are used on the skin tissues, the healing response is triggered, causing an increase in collagen and elastin.

Another option to clear up blotchy skin is Sublative® rejuvenation. Using this non-invasive bipolar radio frequency energy treatment, we can increase the skin’s collagen production and rejuvenate blotchy skin.

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