IPL VancouverWhether you’re considering IPL treatments for pigmentation spots caused by sun damage or aging, or fine lines caused by stress or even smoking, we understand that you want to know what you’re getting into before you sign up. That’s what our team at Heights Laser Centre is here for. We want all our Vancouver patients to be fully-knowledgeable about their proposed treatment option before they say “Yes!” and we want every single one of our patients walking out of their initial consultation feeling educated and completely informed about IPL.

Because we want to make sure you are as knowledgeable as possible during your initial IPL consultation, both your IPL laser technician (who has 20 years of experience, by the way) and Dr. Jaffer will encourage you to ask as many questions as you have. One of the most common questions we get from our Vancouver patients is “How many treatment sessions will I need.”

A Full Treatment with IPL Typically Requires 3 to 5 Sessions*

Patients considering IPL need to know that for the treatment to be considered complete, multiple sessions will be required. These sessions are usually scheduled about a month apart from each other.* The reason Dr. Jaffer and our laser technician recommend multiple sessions is to give you the best results possible. You want that sunspot or fine line gone for good – right? If so, trust our team’s knowledge and experience when it comes to how many treatments they recommend based on your unique skin and case.

Sometimes, to get the best results possible, after your skin examination Dr. Jaffer will also recommend that you undergo rounds of microdermabrasion. This is a normal skin hygiene procedure that removes excess layers of skin and allows the IPL to have more targeted contact with your desired treatment areas. While it is an added step and it may extend the time you have to wait to see your results, following this recommendation is in your best interest as it allows your laser technician to perform the best possible work.

Will I Need Maintenance Treatments After I Complete All My Initial IPL Sessions?

Vancouver’s Dr. Jaffer prioritizes having his patients not only initially achieve great results but maintain them for the long term, too. Because of this, he recommends the following regimen after you’ve completed your initial round of IPL treatments:

  • A once a year IPL touch up treatment to keep pigment changes and fine lines from ever returning*
  • A daily skin regimen of using topical sunscreen, Vitamin C serum and Vitamin A cream (Retinol)
  • Taking Omega 3 capsules every day

How Do I Know if IPL Is Right for Me?

Many Vancouver residents want to address pigmentation marks or fine lines on their skin. But every single one of their cases’ is different! Some potential patients are fair skinned; others have darker skin tones. Some have a healthy layer of skin on the surface; others require microdermabrasion. And of course, every pigmentation spot and fine line is different.

Because everyone is unique, it’s virtually impossible for the average Vancouver resident to know for sure which laser is right for you. That’s exactly why an initial meeting with Dr. Jaffer at Heights Laser Centre is so important. Come to him with your problems and concerns, and he’ll examine you and recommend the best course of treatment, whether that be IPL or another state-of-the-art laser.

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