Look Younger and More Refreshed

For a painless skin tightening procedure with no downtime, Sublime® is the choice for you.

What is Sublime®?

Sublime® uses bipolar radiofrequency and infrared light as its sources of energy and targets the collagen producing cells deep in the dermis of the skin. Using Syneron’s Elos® technology, this unique treatment leads to softer and tighter skin.

Sublime® is a Health Canada and FDA approved treatment that tightens the jaw line and reduces your smile lines (nasolabial folds). It is not meant to replace a facelift, but this non-invasive procedure is ideal for people who do not want surgery.

What Can I Expect with Sublime® Treatments?

Sublime® can be used on any skin type and a series of five treatments is recommended for optimal results. Unlike Thermage®, there is virtually no pain and treatments are completed in about an hour. A yearly maintenance treatment is recommended to further stimulate the skin to remodel collagen.

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