A well informed patient recently asked me how I was qualified to inject Botox®. Rather than feeling that my qualifications were being attacked and becoming defensive, I gladly took the opportunity to answer the question and further educate the patient. The patient was very happy with his treatment and he also gave me an idea to write about.

There has been recent press regarding injectors of Botox ® masquerading as physicians. These people are not regulated by any Regulatory body like the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. They purchase the Botox ® from overseas and offer the Botox ® at a substantial discount. What would you do if you ever had a complication? Where would you go? Who could you file a complaint with?

The CBC News did an investigative report in 2012:

I have seen a number of patients with complications from injectors who should not be performing these procedures in Canada. Unfortunately, there is little I can offer these patients except to say that the effects will wear off over time.

I am proud of my training and I am pleased to share it with anyone who wants to listen. I may charge a little more for my services than the person down the street, but my patients are well looked after. All my procedures are done in my office and I do not condone “Botox ® parties” where alcohol is served. So do your research and find out if your injector is qualified and subject to the regulations of a Governing body.