Coolsculpting VancouverMen and women in Vancouver often find themselves faced with frustrating pockets of fat on their bodies that just won’t go away no matter how many times they go to the gym or how many diets they try. If you’re one of them, CoolSculpting® may be just the ticket to getting rid of those last few inches of fat for good! And what’s better – Heights Laser Centre is a CoolSculpting®-certified medical spa, meaning Dr. Jaffer and his team have the most advanced training and technology available to Vancouver area patients. Still, every year Dr. Jaffer consults with many area residents who just aren’t sure if CoolSculpting® is worth it. Keep reading to learn about how CoolSculpting® compares to liposuction.

What Is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is the only Health Canada and FDA-approved, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment on the market today. It works by eliminating those stubborn deposits of fat through a controlled cooling process. CoolSculpting® gently and effectively targets fat cells under the skin but does not harm the skin itself. When specific areas of fat are targeted with these super low temperatures, the fat cells die and never return. In fact, they are removed from the body through its natural process of elimination over the course of several weeks. Your final results will leave you with a body that is more sculpted and defined.

CoolSculpting® is considered a long-term treatment because the fat cells that are targeted are destroyed and leave the body for good. But CoolSculpting® does not prevent the remaining fat cells from growing; therefore, Dr. Jaffer recommends his Vancouver patients maintain a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine to help prevent the remaining fat cells from enlarging. If you gain a substantial amount of weight, the remaining fat cells will grow, and your CoolSculpting® results will be negated.

What Areas Can Be Treated with CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® applicators come in various sizes, providing Vancouver men and women with a variety of areas that can be treated. Those areas include:

  • Chin and Neck
  • Flanks (aka Love Handles)
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs

But How Does CoolSculpting® Compare to Liposuction?

There are many factors to consider when comparing CoolSculpting® and Liposuction:

  1. Effectiveness
    1. CoolSculpting®
      1. Up to 25% of the targeted fat cells can be eliminated
      2. Fat cells are permanently destroyed
    2. Liposuction
      1. Up to 4 pounds of fat can be removed during one procedure
      2. Fat cells are permanently destroyed
  2. Safety
    1. CoolSculpting®
      1. Non-invasive procedure
      2. Only minor side effects, such as bruising or skin sensitivity
    2. Liposuction
      1. Invasive surgery under anesthesia
      2. Possibility for major side effects, such as blood clots or negative reactions to anesthesia
  3. Convenience
    1. CoolSculpting®
      1. Performed as an outpatient procedure
      2. Each session takes about 35 minutes
      3. No downtime
      4. Full results within 2-3 months
    2. Liposuction
      1. Performed an as an outpatient surgery
      2. Surgery takes 1-2 hours to complete
      3. Long recovery time
      4. Full results within months

Call Heights Laser Centre Today to Learn More About the CoolSculpting® Procedure

CoolSculpting® at Heights Laser Centre is the best non-invasive fat removal procedure on the market today. If you have stubborn fatty deposits in any of the areas mentioned above that refuse to go away, let Dr. Jaffer help. He and his staff stand ready to walk you through the process of becoming a new you. Call his Vancouver area office today at (604) 298-4481.