Lip Injections BurnabyLip injections are becoming more and more popular amongst Vancouver women every year, and it’s no wonder why. With little effort or discomfort, and virtually no downtime, you can have the perfect, kissable pout over your lunch break. Dr. Jaffer of Heights Laser Centre has even developed his own treatment, Love Your Lips™ which he created to provide his patients with noticeable, but natural-looking results.

Even though Dr. Jaffer can provide these natural-looking results, many Vancouver area women still wonder, “Do lip injections feel any different than real lips when kissing?” And that’s a good question. No one wants a perfect pout that looks kissable but doesn’t feel kissable. Keep reading to learn more about how you should expect your lips to feel after you have lip injections.

Lip Injections. What Are They?

Lip injections are the most popular way for Dr. Jaffer to provide his patients in Vancouver with plump, full lips. Though there are many different types of fillers on the market today, Dr. Jaffer usually uses hyaluronic acid fillers such as JUVÉDERM® by Allergan or Belotero® by Merz when performing lip injection treatments. This is because hyaluronic acid fillers are long-lasting and improve the appearance of his patients’ lips by adding shape, structure, and volume.

What to Expect After Your Lip Injections Treatment

It is common for patients to want to know all the details about when they can kiss again and how they can kiss again after having lip injections. This is a very legitimate question. After all, what good is a plump pout if you can’t use it? Dr. Jaffer does caution his Vancouver area patients that they may experience some minor pain and swelling on their lips or near the injection sites for several hours after having the treatment. Therefore, you may not be in the mood to kiss anyone, but if you are, he recommends that you wait at least 1-2 days before participating in any “heavy” kissing. This is because the dermal filler will need adequate time to settle and integrate with your lip tissue. However, a light kiss, such as a quick peck on your child’s head or cheek right after your lip injections is perfectly fine and will not damage your results.

The Love Your Lips™ Technique

As we mentioned above, Dr. Jaffer created his own lip injections method called the Love Your Lips™ technique. He developed this process because many of his patients in Vancouver expressed their desire for more natural-looking lips when having lip injections. This technique is only available for patients of Heights Laser Centre and allows Dr. Jaffer to provide them with more targeted and precise change. This technique is also considered a min-lip augmentation that will leave you with that perfect, kissable pout.

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With over 13 years of experience, Dr. Jaffer takes pride in providing the residents of Vancouver with non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Now that you know that your new lips will be perfectly kissable, why wait?

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