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Rosacea / Red Skin

Ease Inflammation and Redness

Treat Rosacea and Redness

Do you suffer from a persistent red face? Rosacea and redness is a skin disorder that affects roughly 10% of the population. It is characterized by reddened raised skin patches, visible blood vessels, small red solid bumps, and pus-filled pimples. While rosacea often appears similar to acne, there are no blackheads, and rosacea can be accompanied by swelling and pain.

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The many treatment options we offer are all Health Canada approved. They have been proven to be safe and effective by countless medical studies. But that's not all — we've tested out each treatment on ourselves to make sure they all work and do what they promise! We do this because we're committed to your satisfaction and safety.

Extensive Experience

You will benefit from the experience of certified medical aestheticians. Our most senior medical aesthetician and laser technician has been supporting patients for over two decades, and is frequently praised for her skill and gentle manner! That means you can have confidence knowing that you're in experienced hands.

As a board certified physician-led practice, we have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2009 and have an A+ rating. You'll receive high-quality care at every step of your experience with us, from consultation to recovery. Our team takes the time to get to know each person that comes through our doors and to ensure their comfort during treatment.

Subtypes of Rosacea

The flushes and pustules associated with rosacea change the look of the face, often making patients self-conscious about their appearance. Unfortunately, make-up only irritates the skin and makes the problem worse, so concealer isn’t an effective option.

Medical experts and dermatologists have identified four different subtypes of rosacea:

Subtype 1 – Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea: Symptoms include persistent redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels

Subtype 2 – Papulopustular Rosacea: Symptoms include raised red bumps and pimples, often filled with pus

Subtype 3 – Phymatous Rosacea: Symptoms include red skin plaques (raised skin patches) and skin thickening, often leading to an enlarged nose due to excess tissue

Subtype 4 – Ocular Rosacea: Occurs when rosacea manifests in and around the eyes. Symptoms include sties, burning, tearing up, dry eye, swollen eyelids, and corneal damage, which can lead to vision loss

Patients with rosacea can experience several of these subtypes at once, or they may occur one by one. Although rosacea doesn’t necessarily evolve from one subtype to another, each individual symptom can worsen, progressing from mild to moderate to severe.

Because of the potential long-term effects, it’s recommended that patients who may be suffering from rosacea seek early diagnosis and treatment to minimize the impact of the condition.

Treatment Options

To provide a gentle and safe treatment for all types of rosacea, we use IPL photofacials. The IPL photofacial treatment uses intense pulsed light to penetrate the skin and targets the darker rosacea areas with intense light.

The light heats and then causes minor damage to pigmented areas and visible blood vessels, and triggers the body’s natural healing response. As the body repairs the damage, the targeted areas are reabsorbed and vanish, leaving behind clear skin.

rosacea skincare package vancouver

There are some medical grade skincare products that can help too. We offer a SkinCeuticals Rosacea Skincare Package to augment your daily skincare regimen. It's everything you need to keep flare-ups under control.

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"Great experience here at Heights laser! Knowledgeable, pleasant staff makes it very enjoyable!"

"Fantastic experience! Staff are the most helpful and nice to clients. I would definitely recommend Heights Laser Centre."

"Fantastic customer service!!! Erica- 5 gold stars Laria- 5 gold stars & Dr. Jaffer….Many thanks!"

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