The jaw is a structure that not only plays an essential role in our ability to eat and speak but also plays a vital role in our overall appearance. The shape of the jaw is important in anchoring the shape of the face. Jaw contouring is a cosmetic technique that can enhance the shape of your face to better fit your aesthetic goals.

Through jaw contouring, the face can be shaped to appear more masculine or feminine. The procedure is tailored to meet the goals and individual anatomy of each Vancouver patient.

Dimensions of the Jaw

To achieve facial balance and harmony, the lower third of the face must be considered in terms of facial width.

For example, squareness of the lower jaw is generally perceived as masculine. The wideness of the jaw also has an impact on the angle between the chin and neck. In men, this is typically a desired trait, whereas it is an undesired trait in women.

However, even for men, an overly wide jawline or mandible can create asymmetry and throw off facial balance. An enlarged mandible may be a result of a rare congenital disorder, but it can also simply be a result of repeat behaviors such as teeth clenching and grinding.

Jaw contouring is aimed at creating a balanced appearance in line with your aesthetic goals. With jaw contouring, there are a number of techniques that can achieve different ends depending on the goals of the patient.

Treatment Options

We offer a non-surgical jaw contouring technique that involves using Botox® injections. This is very effective for reducing the size of enlarged jaw muscles.

Botox® relaxes the muscles, causing the mandible to reduce in size over several months. Typically, it takes a few weeks to see visible improvements. After the procedure, Vancouver patients are able to return to their normal activities right away, with others being none the wiser!

Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm® and Belotero®, can enhance the jawline as well.

Another non-surgical technique that can accomplish jaw contouring is Sublime®. Through the use of bipolar radiofrequency energy, skin is tightened, which improves and lifts the jawline.

Consult with Dr. Perhez Jaffer to learn more about the types of enhancement that jaw contouring can accomplish. Contact our office in the Vancouver area at (604) 298-4481.