As humans, hair is a natural part of our bodies. It plays a number of functions depending on which area of the body it covers, including warmth, touch sensitivity, and appearance. However, even though hair is a basic and necessary part of our anatomy, unwanted excess hair can be embarrassing and problematic in many situations.

Hair comes in a variety of textures and colors depending on each individual and the area it covers. Vancouver patients are often looking for removal of darker, thicker hairs, since these are the most prominent.

Hairs grow from hair follicles, which are tiny regions in the dermis (the skin layer beneath the outer skin). Each hair has a root, which is found beneath the skin, at the base of the follicle. Each hair also has a hair shaft, a thinner part that includes what we see protruding out from the skin.

There are multiple hair growth phases, where each hair is either not growing (telogen phase), growing (anagen phase), or renewing itself (catagen phase). Different hairs are in different phases at any given time, and the state each hair is in affects its ability to be removed.

Traditional Removal Methods

Many Vancouver residents work hard to groom and control excess hair. There two types of ways to get rid of excess hair. The technical terms for this are depilation and epilation.

Depilation is where you only get rid of part of the hair, the visible part of the shaft on the surface. This is done through methods like shaving. Epilation is where the entire strand of hair is removed down to the root level, through methods like waxing.

Shaving, waxing, and plucking are common and traditional methods for getting rid of excess hair. Unfortunately, these techniques provide relatively short-term results. Methods such as waxing and plucking can be painful and especially tedious if there is hair in sensitive areas.

Effective Long-Term Treatment

The most modern technique for controlling or removing unwanted hair is laser hair removal. This technique is a long-term solution for getting rid of excess hair. It is effective for a variety of hair textures and colors.

During this treatment method, a laser beam is used to heat the hair follicles without harming surrounding skin tissue. The heat is absorbed by the hair follicles, which causes the hair to fall out. Hair growth is disabled in the targeted follicles that are in anagen phase.

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