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How Soon Will I See My Results from BELKYRA?

Vancouver residents want to always look their best, but as we age, that seems to be harder and harder to do. The natural process of aging takes men and women alike through some undesirable changes, one being the loss of skin elasticity. As we age, the collagen in our skin begins to break down, and our skin starts to sag and droop. One area this is most noticeable in is our chin and neck. Many patients of Dr. Jaffer come to him to help correct this frustrating gift time has left them with – the dreaded double chin.

BELKYRA is a safe, injectable drug that uses deoxycholic acid to destroy fat cells by separating them from their membranes. Once the membranes are no longer attached to the fat cells, the contents of the fat cells are released into the body and naturally processed as waste. This means that the fat cells that are treated and destroyed leave the body and never return; therefore, your BELKYRA treatment will leave you with permanent results. As BELKYRA does not prevent the remaining fat cells from enlarging, you should be careful to maintain a healthy lifestyle and experience the long-lasting results you desire.

What to Expect From Your BELKYRA Treatment
Patients in Vancouver who have a small amount of fat under their chin are the best candidates for BELKYRA injections. Before the injection, Dr. Jaffer will desensitize the treatment area with ice and then inject the BELKYRA into the site. During each session, this small amount of targeted fat is dissolved within 10-15 minutes. However, the effects of the injection cause swelling in the chin and neck area while the body processes the dead fat cells. This minor swelling can take 3-4 weeks to go down but can be helped by using ice packs. And, the best thing – BELKYRA treatments are convenient! One BELKYRA treatment takes less than an hour, and requires no downtime, making it the perfect cosmetic procedure to have over your lunch break!

How Soon Will I See Results?
Because no two patients are the same, it is impossible to say specifically how quickly results will be seen after your BELKYRA treatments. For best results, Dr. Jaffer recommends his patients receive 2-3 treatments over the course of nine months, and most Vancouver men and women see their best results within 2-3 months after their last injection.

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As the Medical Director of Heights Laser Centre, and with over 13 years of experience providing the residents of Vancouver with non-invasive anti-aging solutions, Dr. Jaffer offers his patients the care, support, and expertise they deserve. He desires to see you become the best version of yourself. His friendly staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about BELKYRA injections and schedule your first appointment in their Vancouver area clinic today.

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