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How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need To Get My Desired Results?

Every day, Vancouver men and women walk through the doors at Heights Laser Centre, and they feel welcomed and at home. That’s because Dr. Jaffer and his team understand that people who are new to aesthetic care are sometimes reluctant to share their concerns and cosmetic goals. If you want to learn more about laser hair removal and how it can help you be rid of unwanted hair, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaffer so he can fully evaluate your specific concerns and needs to determine the best course of action for you.

Oftentimes, Vancouver patients want to know how many laser hair removal treatments they will need in order to get their desired results. If this is a question you have, then this is the blog for you, so keep reading.

Your Consultation With Dr. Jaffer
During your initial consultation with Dr. Jaffer’s team will make sure you feel comfortable and welcomed. As you sit with Dr. Jaffer’s laser technicians, they will ask questions to find out what areas of your body you’d like to address, and what kind of results you want from your treatment sessions. Be sure you are open and honest with them during your appointment so they can develop the best treatment plan to suit your unique needs. The laser hair removal process will be reviewed with you and the technicians will explain the advanced equipment used to provide amazing results for our Vancouver patients.

The Laser Hair Removal Process at Heights Laser Centre
At Heights Laser Centre in Vancouver, Dr. Jaffer uses the Our Lumenis LightSheer diode, which is specifically designed for laser hair removal. This laser is medical-grade and is approved by Health Canada and the FDA. Our skilled technicians use a handheld device that emits special light beams to target the pigment in your hair. As the pigment in your hair absorbs the light, it destroys the hair follicle and prevents the hair from growing again.

Dr. Jaffer recommends his patients undergo a series of laser hair removal treatments in order to achieve desired results. How many sessions you will need will be determined after your treatment areas are examined during your consultation. Because hair grows in cycles, laser hair removal is most effective after 4-6 sessions for each area of the body treated, and 4-10 sessions for areas on the face. Men who undergo laser hair removal usually need more treatments than women.

Let Dr. Jaffer Rid You of The Hair You No Longer Want
Gone are the days of painful, traditional hair removal methods. With laser hair removal at Heights Laser Centre in Vancouver, you can get the smooth, aesthetically pleasing features you’ve been wanting. By combining the expertise of Dr. Jaffer and his team, and the advanced technology they employ, patients are sure to have a better experience and excellent results – results that set his medical spa apart from other facilities.

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