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How Long Do the Results from Lip Injections Last?

Whether you’re a Vancouver woman looking for a fuller, more voluptuous pout, or simply want to plump up your lips from the straight and thin look they naturally have, Dr. Jaffer at Heights Laser Centre can help you. With over 13 years of experience helping his patients get full lips, Dr. Jaffer has the technical know-how and artistic skill to give you the plumper lips that you desire.

Many Vancouver women see Dr. Jaffer every year to augment their lips. And several of them have the same question – “How long will my results last?” It’s important for these potential patients to understand that lip injections via dermal fillers is not a permanent solution, but rather part of routine facial maintenance to give you the look that you desire. Typically, women treated by Dr. Jaffer notice their Love Your Lips™ lip injections results last between 3 to 4 months per treatment session.*

Your Lip Augmentation Experience at Heights Laser Centre
Every Vancouver woman’s natural and desired lips are different, and therefore there’s no one uniform dermal filler solution for cosmetic lip injections. The specific treatment plan that Dr. Jaffer will prepare for you will depend on:

  • The size and shape of your natural lips
  • The desired look that you have communicated to Dr. Jaffer
    Jaffer’s knowledgeable opinion on which dermal filler will work best for your unique case
  • While some women visit Dr. Jaffer desiring plumper than plump, Kylie Jenner lips, most of his patients communicate to him that they want more natural looking results. These patients simply aren’t happy with the thin lips they were born with or have acquired over time due to the aging process.

When it comes time for your lip injections treatment date, you’ll arrive at our office wearing nothing on your lips. Leave your favorite lipstick or lip gloss at home! To make you as comfortable as possible during the lip injections process, our Vancouver team will apply a numbing cream to your lips to minimize any discomfort you may feel.*

After the numbing cream has successfully numbed your lips, Dr. Jaffer and his team will get to work. He’ll begin to carefully inject your lips with his pre-selected dermal filler. This non-invasive treatment is usually over very quickly.* While you may experience some bruising or swelling immediately after your lip injections procedure, you’ll be released to your normal activities the very same day. In fact, you can even have your lip injections performed during your lunch break, then head straight back to work! How convenient is that?!

Remember to Schedule Regular, Routine Lip Maintenance
Many Vancouver women who choose Heights Laser Centre for lip injections fall in love with their results.* But, it’s important to remember that lip injections results are temporary, lasting only about 3 to 4 months at a time.* Therefore Dr. Jaffer’s average lip injections patient will need to visit Heights Laser Centre about 3 to 4 times a year to maintain her plumper pout.

Inquire About Lip Injections Today
Regardless of your desired lip results, Dr. Jaffer can help you achieve your goals.

*Individual results may vary.

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