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Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Without Going Under the Knife

Stubborn fatty deposits plague many men and women in the Vancouver area. No matter what they try, no diet or amount of exercise has managed to rid them of those last few inches. But, the sad truth is that you can’t tell your body where to lose weight. So, if you’ve been trying for months and months to lose that last bit of stubborn fat around your abdomen, or along your bra line to no avail, then let Dr. Jaffer of Heights Laser Centre help! With over 13 years of experience in non-surgical anti-aging solutions, Dr. Jaffer can give you the toned body you’ve been working for and dreaming of through CoolSculpting treatments, and without going under the knife. Heights Laser Centre is a CoolSculpting-certified medical spa, meaning Dr. Jaffer and his team have the most advanced training and technology available to Vancouver area patients, so they are well-equipped to handle that stubborn fat and help you be rid of it for good! Keep reading to learn how CoolSculpting can give your body tone and definition.

So, What Exactly Is CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting is the only Health Canada and FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment on the market today. It is a gentle, effective, and long-term treatment option that is able to target stubborn fat cells under the skin without damaging the skin itself. Its success comes through a controlled cooling process that eliminates targeted fat cells – permanently! When Vancouver residents choose CoolSculpting as their fat-reduction treatment option, they are usually drawn to the non-invasive benefits it provides. CoolSculpting uses specifically designed applicators to directly target fat cells with very low temperatures, which causes the fat cells to be destroyed. Once they die, they are then treated as waste and leave the body through the natural process of elimination. Within a matter of weeks, Vancouver men and women will be left with a body that is sleek and defined.

What Parts of My Body Can I Target with CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting has a variety of applicators, each designed to specifically target different areas of the body. This gives Vancouver men and women the option of treating many areas where stubborn fat usually resides without going under the knife!

  • Chin and Neck – If you are suffering from that annoying little thing we call a double chin, worry no more! Dr. Jaffer can help you be rid of it for good with the CoolMini applicator.
  • Flanks – The flanks, or love handles, as they are more commonly known, make men and women feel larger than they actually They aren’t able to wear the clothes they want because of that extra little bulge that sticks out around their waist. Dr. Jaffer can eliminate those love handles through CoolSculpting.
  • Arms – The flapper, And I don’t mean a young woman in a fun antique dress. As we age, our upper arms begin to experience sagging and loose skin, creating that dreaded flapping motion under your arms. The longer, CoolFit applicator is the perfect way to get rid of that flappy skin!
  • Abdomen – This is the most popular area for CoolSculpting among Vancouver men and women. Everyone wants to look good at the pool, or in their form-fitting clothes, and if you have a bit of excess on your abdomen, Dr. Jaffer can get rid of it through CoolSculpting treatments.
  • Thighs – The CoolSmooth applicator was specifically designed to get those hard to reach areas of stubborn fat around the thighs. The result – beautiful, contoured thighs!
  • Bra Line – Back fat around the bra line causes many

Vancouver women frustration and makes them self-conscious when wearing tight tops. CoolSculpting can specifically target that fat and give you back your confidence.

Get the Defined Body You Want Without Going Under the Knife!
Dr. Jaffer provides hundreds of men and women in the Vancouver area with beautiful, non-surgical anti-aging treatments every year. He and his staff take pride in serving their community and giving patients the body that they’ve longed for.

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