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Even though over 80% of women have cellulite regardless of their dress size, it is a common complexion irregularity that you probably find aesthetically unappealing and have tried countless times to eliminate, with no success. Topical creams don’t work despite their promises and while a healthy diet and exercise routine can positively impact your body contour, it is not sufficient in getting rid of your “cottage cheese” skin.

A clinical study found that the cellulite treatment we offer can achieve the less dimpled and smoother skin you want on your thighs and buttocks. The study reported that patients were highly satisfied with their treatment, experiencing a clearly visible improvement that was achieved in just two months. Patients also continued to experience an improvement in their treated areas after their treatments ended.

Destroy Cellulite and Strengthen Your Skin

Our technology to effectively minimize the appearance of cellulite is based on radiofrequency energy delivered at an optimal wavelength. This energy penetrates the skin, reaching down to the subcutaneous layer where fat is stored. The energy produces heat that destroys fat cells and release trapped toxic fluids so that they can all be eliminated from the body by your lymphatic system, in the same natural way your body gets rid of any toxins. At the same time, your skin benefits from treatment by renewing collagen fibres and stimulating cellular turnover, so that your skin can remodel itself. This is important because cellulite is not only due to trapped pockets of fat; it is also caused by an abnormal structure that is comprised of irregularly arranged fibre bands that restrict your tissues, causing the undesirable dimples in your skin’s surface. By targeting both the fat and skin structure, your cellulite will gradually decrease as your skin returns to its healthier, more elastic state.

You may find that you don’t want to wear certain clothes because you are too embarrassed about your cellulite. Imagine how great you would feel if you had smoother thighs unmarked by cellulite!

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