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3 Key Differences Between BELKYRA and Chin Liposuction

If you’re a Vancouver man or woman with excess fat under your chin, sometimes referred to as a “double chin,” then we feel your pain. No matter how much you diet or exercise, you just can’t tell your body where it needs to lose fat.

In years past, many Vancouver residents have chosen liposuction to get rid of unwanted chin fat for good. However, with liposuction comes surgery and everything associated with it. Thankfully, there’s a new product on the market that treats excess chin fat, without any incisions needing to be made. BELKYRA, an injectable administered by Dr. Jaffer at Heights Laser Centre, can help you say “Goodbye!” to the double chin for good!

We know that when a new treatment option is placed on the market, many of our medical spa patients are uncertain about which approach is right for them. Don’t worry; that’s what we’re here for! Below is a discussion of 3 key differences between BELKYRA and chin liposuction.

BELKYRA is a Non-Surgical Treatment for Excess Chin Fat
Perhaps one of the top reasons why Dr. Jaffer sees so many Vancouver men and women for BELKYRA injections is because it’s a non-surgical treatment. That’s right! When you choose BELKYRA, you’re saying “No!” to fasting before your procedure, getting general anesthesia, having incisions made, and recovering from surgery.

Alternatively, BELKYRA is an injectable that Dr. Jaffer carefully injects into your chin. When you first arrive for your treatment, you’ll have your bottom chin area iced for about 10 minutes to help number it and make your injectable more comfortable. After you’re nice and numb, Dr. Jaffer will get to work by injecting the solution into your lower chin. Once he’s done, you’ll ice the treatment area for about 20 minutes, mainly to reduce the chance of swelling after your injections.* The entire process is very quick.

BELKYRA Attacks and Dissolves Fat; Liposuction Sucks it Out
Liposuction and BELKYRA work on Vancouver patients in two completely different ways. With liposuction, a plastic surgeon makes a small incision and then places a small tube called a “cannula” into your treatment area. He or she then uses a back and forth motion as the liposuction machine sucks out fat from your chin.

In contrast, BELKYRA attacks its targeted chin fat cells and kills them. Your body then eliminates these dead fat cells through its natural elimination process.

BELKYRA Has Virtually No Down Time
If you choose to have chin liposuction, you’ll be choosing surgery and general anesthesia. That means because you received such a strong sedative for your procedure, you won’t be able to drive yourself home and instead will need a friend or family member to volunteer for the task. You’ll then be sent home to recover for a few days.

With BELKYRA, the recovery process is virtually non-existent.* While you may experience some swelling, you can immediately return to most of your daily activities the same day you receive your injections, including going back to work or school. The only restriction Dr. Jaffer places on his Vancouver patients is to avoid exercise for 3 days.

Are You Interested in BELKYRA?
If we’ve piqued your interest in BELKYRA, the next best step is to contact Dr. Jaffer and have a full chin evaluation performed to see if you’re a proper candidate for this injectable.

*Individual results may vary.

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